Thursday, February 21, 2008

I don't even have a word to describe it

I better post this while its still fresh. So I locked myself out right? That was Saturday morning. I didn't call the locksmith because my mum wanted to look for the keys first. (Don't want to admit defeat la...) Plus, I was really lucky because the day before, I brought a load of stuff to Huey Sing's house and didn't bring them into my room. So I had my bag, jeans, one top, comb etc. Even my school bag was outside cause I was actually hard working this holiday and did work

So after FIVE days of being locked out and sleeping like a nomad, after FIVE days of searching high and low, after FIVE days of trying to pick the lock, after FIVE days without my phone, I finally call the locksmith. He came in the evening, picked the lock with his fancy tools and charged me RM45.

Here comes the most *I don't even have a word to describe it* part.

Immediately after he unlocked the door, I searched for the keys in my room and couldn't find it. My mum checked the basket where the key's are normally kept again and... TADA! She found the keys behind the basket!!! (Ya, you can shoot me now)

So, I paid RM45 for nothing, went without my room for FIVE freaking days for nothing and everything else for nothing!

At least now I know I can wear one of my mums skirt (even if its a little loose) in emergencies, I know that I can actually survive without the stuff in there (except my phone), I know that the couch is actually quite comfortable to sleep on, I know that not having my room makes me emo less because there're no four walls to keep me sheilded.

Right, everyone can choke me now.

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