Monday, August 27, 2007

one week

It's been exactly a week since my last post and I'm doing the exact same thing I did last Monday. I've been awake since 8 and I think my butt is stuck to the chair. I don't want to go for piano class! Still trying to convince mum to cancel it.

The mission trip was amazing! And as I've mentioned before in my emo-ish posts, there really is a reason for everything. Like "if that did not happen, then that would not happen" Lemme show you...

21st - mission trip/Gwen
22nd - mission trip
23rd - mission trip/camp

I heard about the trip before I heard about Gwen. I got myself all excited about it cause I've always wanted to see Gwen live! I've missed Muse and LP so the only other artist I wanna see live would be Gwen. When I realized they clash, I was hoping the trip'll get canceled. It didn't. I even arranged for my dad to send me up to Kampar after the concert. It could have happened. Although, if my dad would have sent me up, I wouldn't be able to attend the family camp. I wanted to attend the camp because two little super adorable girls are going for it too. So basically it was Gwen/trip or trip/camp. It ended up to be the latter. I don't even know why. A normal person would chose the former right? I could have thought of all kinds of ways to make it happen, but I didn't. One of the reasons was also that I didn't have anyone to go with also la (I know. Such a loser right?)

There's more.

A day before the trip, my officer called and told me we're visiting 2 villages. one on the 22nd and one on the 23rd. ( I know!) PLUS, the village we're visiting on the 22nd is the one I've been to before and they're going to a different one on the 23rd, the day I leave for camp. WTH? I miss the concert to go to a village I've been to? Strangely though, I didn't feel as pissed as I normally would. I just floated again. Trying to twist things like asking my officer if we could switch the visits. NO change there.

So i go on, having lovely Kampar food and then to the village. Man! This was different! The kids were more open and friendly, we spent more time with them because we had more time this time with them. I LOVE IT THERE!

Later, I found out that 3 of the girls there were homeless because some mad women set their houses on fire! Including their families, about 19 of them were left homeless and they had nothing left. Fortunately no one was hurt. My team took out RM50 for each family to help them and I still felt it's not enough. The girls showed us their ruined home and one can really see a home gone. (I'll put up pictures when I do.)

When we got back to our dorms, I decided to call my mum to bring up my album when she picks me up for camp. Then I thought, I might as well ask her to bring up the clothes I don't wear anymore to give away. THEN, I realized it's Wednesday and my church has Bible study that night. So I asked mum to contact the others for donation.

The next day, my parents came up with a LOAD of things. It covered my dad's back seat completely and there were more in the boot. It was SO unexpected! My officer even thought that the amount will only cover a small part of her car boot!

So you see? If I went for Gwen and didn't go for camp, my dad won't be able to pass me the stuff for the people who need it!



Anonymous said...

God is great, your spelling is not. LatTer, with two 't's. Scrabble freak konon. And you found out how to use color!

Jasmine said...

Hey anonymous, hehe. Screw English remember? I still rule at Scabble though =P Yes, color is 109th best thing thats happened to me! I'd love to know who you are though...

supplementals said...

hahaha, i like anonymous. guess what, she just told me anonymous is spelled with 2 'n's! konon indeed!!!