Monday, August 20, 2007


How bored can a person get? urgh. Thank goodness I have one week away from home.
Kampar - Sengoi Mission trip
Pangkor - Church family camp

Kinda looking forward to both of theses events. I'm missing the Gwen concert because of the mission trip and I'm gonna miss the Jazz festival and some time to spend with others for the camp. I'm also gonna miss part of the mission trip because of the church camp. The way my plans went about was so weird. Like I was pushed into it. I guess it's one of those times where what I want doesn't matter cause what God wants to give me is wayy better.
I'm watching Transformers cartoon now. In case you didn't know, it shows on Mondays to Thursdays 7pm on channel 4. It's super cool but the movie is better. Oh ya, DO NOT buy the tranformers toys from toys r us. They're not authentic. Transformers coming out in IMAX!! ( I hope) I read about it on so I don't know if it'll come out in Malaysia. (Here I go again. Transformers Transformers Transformers when will I get over it)
I actually started the International day post, but I'm too lazy. Maybe I'll post it up next week, when I get bored again.

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