Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh! So dusty. Sorry poor blue blog. I know I’ve neglected you. But it’s about time I came back here to do what I normally do. Express myself? I think that’s it.


So one week on the ship right? Opne week and 2 days to be exact. I’ve met Doini from Romania. She’s cool. But while working, she mentioned something. You can’t exactly tell people how it’s wonderful to be on the ship. You can’t exactly explain. How can you? Ya, you can say you live with people from all over the world, and that it’s great because you can experience the different cultures and  yada yada. But how can you really know? You have to be HERE. I’m not using this as an excuse of course. It’s more like and realization? (sorry, my English is dying here. Have to make my sentences simpler while talking to other people who’s first language isn’t english) before I came on the ship, I tried to get as much information as possible. Talk to as many people as possible. Find out how they felt about it and what they’ve learnt. But I realized that it was all almost the same and very general. I wasn’t satisfied with all that before coming to the ship was possible. But after it was definite that I’m coming, I just left it as “nevermind, I’m gonna find out soon for myself”. And true enough, if I were to tell someone back home, I would say almost the same things as the other people have told me. It’s so difficult to explain something like this when I’m actually LIVING here. To express what you’ve gotten from this experience is to basically express how you’ve LIVED! If I were to tell you the same things as the others. Like it’s a wonderful time, I got so much closer to God, you’ll learn lots of things, etc. I’d feel it’s not enough.


I feel like the way I express myself is through my actions and my daily life. I see God mostly in what I do and what happens around me. So to me, I find it most helpful if I were to read about what the other person has been doing. Like for example, when I get to do stuff I’ve never done before or see things I’ve never seen before, I thank God so much and realize how privileged I am to be where I am and who I am, I learn that there is so much more to the world I’ve known all my life. And thats just one example.


So maybe I should express these thoughts? Ya, I should. Can’t really “expect” people to know how I think right? Okay then. But is it enough?

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