Monday, December 10, 2007

Shouldn't be hating holidays

but I do. At least in school, you know you have stuff on everyday.

I failed driving =( Apparently, I'm a dangerous driver
My whole week has been - wake up in the afternoon, laze around, go work at night.

Work was nice. I was one of the front-of-house persons (Tear tickets, usher, sell snacks) at Tarap Man. Met all kinds of people. That guy from kopitiam, Mano Maniam was there. He asked me "do you play basketball?" So cool right? A celebrity talked to meeeeeeeee! I didn't even talk to him, but he did =D I just replied "No, I'm not athletic" Stupid me, I forgot I play netball. "You should!" was all he said. I just replied laughing with Summer. Anyway, I didn't expect a pay or anything, but on the last day, I GOT PAID!! Thanks Ann Lee! The show was SUPER GOOD. The set, actors, story... So original and creative. Go read the reviews, they're awesome.

I met this girl there, her name's Crystal. She looked oddly familiar, but I couldn't place her. maybe it because I HAVEN'T SEEN HER FOR TOO LONG! even though she says "see you" when we say our good byes. And no, being friends for more than 10 freaking years doesn't matter either. But, she has her "reasons". No reason is good enough to desert a friend for such a long time. I make the efforts, but isn't it a two way thing? No one would try hard would they? Or at least try hard when it comes to me.

The Christmas musical was yesterday. I played the organ because they needed the bells sound. I had expected 3 people there or I'd have no one to support me. None of them came. Only Kathy even though I only told her that afternoon. I LOVE YOU KAT!

Handbells is so not good. Practice so hard for a month and only 3 miserable performances. Sigh, Christmas this year is not good.

You can tell I'm in a bad mood. Just too bad these bad things had to happen during the worst time of the month.

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ChrisHueySing said...

I'm SORRY I didn't come.. =( =( =( =(