Sunday, December 23, 2007

How good are holidays suppose to be?

I can't figure it out. When it's good, it's bad and when it's bad, it's good.Hmmm, that was gibberish. Forget it.

Mamiway, (saying mamiway too much makes me think about sheeps more! I've been humming babablacksheep way too many times in a day) I went for the Indescribable Christmas thing in Glad Tidings. Twas awesome! So freaking good man. But then, because I went for that, I missed a party that provided free flow of red wine! =( ashilliekebab

You know what today is? Well, 22nd December 2007's a day worth remembering cause it's was my last day in GB as a girl. Next year, I'm gonna be promoted to be an officer. Which means, I'll be standing on the other side during roll call and dismissals, I'll be blowing the whistle more often, I'll be wearing heals instead of comfy shoes, I'll be in the GB room more often, Girls would address me as Ms Jasmine instead of YL Jasmine, I'll be attending AGMs and other M's, I won't be competing during inter squad competitions, I won't be working for awards, I won't be commanding during drill as often, I'll start participating camps as organiser/speaker/helper etc etc etc 11 years of GB... 11 years of wearing that shade of blue, of standing in that particular line, in that side of the hall... 11 years of being in SQUAD SEEK, eleven years! Would it be another 11 years you think? I'll be 29 then. Maybe so eh? I would like to think so =D

It was also our cooking competition. WE WON! phew! After alllll that dramaaaa, we WON! I LOVE MY SQUAD! Always have and always will. Even as an officer.

I have to sleeeeeeep. Got to wake up at 7.30 for choir in church. Good Night

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