Monday, February 15, 2010

I have a dream

I had a dream.

That I packed a night before departure day and fell asleep in the process. Woke up to the banging on my door " The taxi is here!" oh crap, I have 2 half full luggages and alot more to stuff in. Then, everything else was a blur except the panicky feeling in my gut going "oh shit oh shit oh shit" Next thing I know, I'm driving down a slope and I see a car... full of my left-behind clothes!! I immediately stop him and it turns out to be a friend willing to give it all back. So we're at the side of the street transferring a whole bundle of green and white shirts when a girl walks by saying : how much?

There you go, the reason I'm starting to pack seriously.

4 more sleeps and 1 on the plane and I have left home for good.

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