Sunday, June 24, 2007

Right I am(or is it was?) screw english!

Wee! Damn, I'm sooo lousy at this. Sheeeesh. And I thought I could actually be consistent.(stupid jasmine)
Anyway, my titile refers to the face that I was right about me not having anything interesting to blog about even if I wanted to write a daily thing. My life is such a bore... I'm still in school even though I'm eighteen, I can't drive, I'm addicted to SCRABBLE(I know! Gosh, I'm such a loser. Well, at least I'm good at it =P), and I've got a piano exam coming up!
Bloody hell. It's 3.30am Sunday morning(why is it that I only blog during the wee hours of the morning?) and my exam is on Monday. I'm not prepared, and I just might srew it up AGAIN! If I do fail again this time, I'm gonna jump of a cliff!
I wanna stay home tomorrow(or rather today) like a good girl(good. ya right!) and practice!! So, I don't know if I should go for Cheer. Wanted to go watch my dear(blur) friend shana perform in Charm, now it seems like shes not performing anymore. Plus, it doesn't look like I'll have anyone to go with(ya la! I'm a loser okay!). I'll just decide tomorrow la! when I wake up(thats if I wake up in time).
Damn, it's almost four. I better sleep...

I know, this post sucks(it's my blog! not that anyone's reading it *crosses fingers*) but at least it's a post. This blog is sooooo picture deprived! I actually have pictures from my trip to camerons, but that'll have to wait till the next time I stay up in the weeeeeeee hour of a night. Btw, I hate Math and I miss History.

Just incase I disappear again, UPDATE LA JASMINE!!(trust me, it works)

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